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Message from the Chairman


Welcome you to visit Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd. Web site, thank you for your attention and support to us!

Thank the social from all walks of life support and the deep affection, Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd. passed extraordinary entrepreneurship development, obtained the recognition of the industry and society. Thanks to the persistent professional spirit, to cause the gentiles tireless pursuit and unremitting struggle.

Company brand independent operation since 2011, under the joint efforts of all Obon team, unite as one, together, endured countless business risks and difficulties and continue to achieve the goal of the business indicators continue to flip, set up the industry's first supplier of quality brand image, color steel plate to the home appliance industry, research and innovation of new material application have made great contributions to the industry similar materials procurement costs fell by 37%, at the same time, the state brand is committed to the research of new materials technology, in the white goods, black appliances, small appliances and high-end building materials field innovation a lot of patent technology, new materials, the future healthy development for the brand laid a solid market foundation, the future application in the field of application of new materials will bring new consumption concept. These achievements made is our European nations all staff hard working hard labor results, is the wisdom of the people.

European nations brand with a lot of new companies, entrepreneurial society belongs to the new entrepreneurial high-tech enterprises, and some of the state-owned enterprises and it has been a long history of enterprises the difference is: there is no strong economic basis, do not have enough bank credit conditions, based on the need of rapid growth, more for process management of cash flow, need more to give the user the market integrity of delivery, and the user's trust and loyalty, won the market set up the industry brand image, and created a huge contribution to the industry. Continuous double growth for three consecutive years, the company business, this is miracle in Yangtze river delta region, has received high praise and affirmation of municipal government, and to give a lot of policy support.

In the years to come, we will uphold the "professional brand, brand innovation, integrity of the brand"the enterprise idea, to the best products and best services contributing to society, to meet the needs of customers, create brilliant future!

To take this opportunity to extend to our long-term care and support the development of the social people from all walks of life to extend sincere thanks!

Thank you again for your attention to Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd.!


Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd.   Chairman of the Board


Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd.