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Development path

  Reinterpretation: the innovation of Obon

  Innovation and application of international standards to create new materials, process technology, breaking the traditional R & D model, leveraging on the international resource platform for the development of innovative resources and value management.


   2008: Achieved the domestic goal of high-gloss film for color-coated steel sheets for refrigerators, especially the successful development of imitation stainless steel coated color steel plates and the application of refrigerator in the field of refrigerators, which completely broke the long-term monopoly of the industry.

   2011: the realization of the non-welding technology, anti-theft door manufacturing technology to replace the traditional dusting and transfer process, innovation and environmental protection concepts, improve production efficiency and design standards, leading the industry.

   2012:The realization of the imitation of copper metal coated steel plate design and development and successful application and security door area, instead of the copper materials and surface treatment technology in the security door applications, optimizing the design costs and improve production efficiency.

   2012:To achieve a plastic cover color delay time explosion-proof safety glass in the refrigerator to promote the use of the field and continue to innovate high-end decorative glass, bathroom glass, curtain wall glass safety technical standards. The traditional screen printing technology standards and quality, efficiency, design and other innovative new manufacturing concept of consumption.

   2012:The realization of the film-coated steel structure without PVC material design PAM international design standards. Continued to promote high-temperature coating of color steel plate technology and used in microwave ovens (barbecue process) products.

   2013:Achieve the 4H surface hard processing technology standards and fingerprint-resistant technology standards, the product successfully used in the field of elevators.

   2013:To achieve the fire-retardant aluminum composite panel of the development and application of new materials, outdoor weather technology to achieve a 20-year design standards. The future in the area of curtain wall marble material replacement application of the prospects are broader.

   2013:The realization of the profile coated metal film technology and weather 20 years of outdoor application design technical standards in the field of doors and windows, alternative aluminum, stainless steel materials in the field of decorative building construction applications popularization and bring new application design consumption concept.

   2014:The realization of the thermoplastic molding technology standards for the development of new composite materials, the future alternative to mold injection process technology standards have become possible, more extensive product applications, design costs more reasonable, more cost-effective.

   2014:The application of "welding technology" in air-conditioner, washing machine, anti-theft door and engineering structural material is realized. Affect the use of innovative technology, leading the industry.
  Innovative Obon, the development of Obon, the continuous interpretation of the new concept of technology.   

Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd.