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Company culture

Brand value: enterprise manufacturing technology innovation and profit improvement excellent brand!

2014 target objectives: professional brand innovation brand integrity of the brand

2014 Market Ideas: Creating Core Modules and Innovating the Industry Chain Platform to Realize the Economic Value of Brands

2014 management philosophy: the platform to build modules operating system innovation

2014 R & D concept: the development of market resources to create market value

Brand innovation business model

  1, the global user resources platform to build.

  To the user's market demand for the center to develop products and take advantage of foreign advanced technology products, the difference between the advantages of domestic users continue to enhance the technical standards of products to continue to meet the expectations of users. At the same time, attention to overseas marketing planning and user network construction, and continuously enhance the company's sustainable development of marketing competitiveness. European Union and the user chain of the market goal of consistency: the user's market is our market!
    2, the global supply of resources to build the platform.
    The introduction, digestion, absorption of foreign advanced technology achievements, and is committed to making the market very competitive product of the cause is the purpose of the European Union! European Union and the supply chain market objectives of consistency: we can only provide excellent products to our customers!
    3, OEM resources to build the platform.
    Obon has successfully in China's Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Beijing and other regions signed OEM factory cooperation, to promote product manufacturing and service localization strategy laid a solid foundation. Obon has always been a scientific quality control system to control the quality of OEM products and continue to improve product quality standards and process improvement goals to continue to meet the needs of users and provide value to the user service standards, Obon and OEM factory market Consistency of objectives: product zero defect!

    4, the market service platform to build.
    To the user's market objectives as the center of service users! Obon will strive to improve the user service system and improve customer service standards, pay attention to product quality standards to improve the expansion process to improve the realization of the goal. To achieve the goal of zero users complain! Obon and OEM factory market service objectives of consistency: the user zero complain! The user's question is our problem! In this case,
    5, the core technology project platform to build.
    In the market network platform, product development platform on the basis of continuous innovation, Obon attaches great importance to the management of core technology innovation, continued to enhance the competitiveness of the product market.

Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd.