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Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in the field of material surface treatment technology application and research, manufacture and sale of new materials and technical service in China.
Obon in the various sheet metal, plastic sheet, line (different) profiles, glass, wood panels and other surface treatment technology research and application of new materials is always in the international advanced level and industry-leading level. The product standard conforms to the national policy of environmental protection, energy saving, resource conservation of non-ferrous metals such as nickel, aluminum and copper materials. The promotion covers the fields of construction, curtain wall, decoration, stainless steel, photovoltaic, automobile, home appliance and health care.
Obon adhere to the market demand for high-end research, innovation leveraging international high-end brand of advanced technology standards and industry results, collaborative development and into the industry in line with China's demand for high-end intellectual property products and the formation of industrial chain manufacturing and service platform . To integrate platform resources and innovative allocation of resources, technology core value shared brand culture business model, to achieve high-end intellectual property series of new materials industry chain large-scale marketing objectives.
China is the world's new technology applications and research and new materials, a very broad application market demand, Obon to adhere to the "national industrial policy-oriented, international technical standards innovation, brand value-sharing culture, integrated resource platform and innovative allocation of resources" As the concept, and promote the core technology of new materials industry chain market-oriented objectives, and striving for China's new materials manufacturing well-known brands.

Jiangsu Obon Plastic Co., Ltd.